Facebook Marketing.

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If what you want is to learn about marketing strategy for Facebook, do not miss this guide. This will help get more loyalty with your followers, and if you use it well you'll increase your app downloads and sales.

To create a profile for your business in Facebook is much more than simply creating a little content and publishing it. It's, also, generating a Marketing strategy in Facebook which could help you expand the information globally and seek the greatest potential for your e commerce and your app.

Incorporating Facebook as a real communication channel, effective and legitim to reach engagement, and boost product sales requires analysis first.

Facebook should be a blog extension, to which we must yield the important place in the strategy of content which you can replicate from your blog with notes, images, videos and ideas.

If you have a blog and you are ready tu create your Facebook business profile to move foward, then you can create a strategy toincrease traffic and get the desired goals.

Strategic Marketing Plan.

Un Plan de Marketing Estratégico en Facebook te proveerá foco y disciplina, y lo podrás lograr con 5 pasos:

  • Define the target

    You now have an idea of what you want to communicate, but before you should understand who's That Person that we want and need to talk to. Knowing who's the aimed public is the foundation of all our marketing, reason why we we shoud begin by placing our target segments corresponding to certain features of our own and that falls within our purpose as a brand.

    We can define the target according tho the demographics or geography. To this then you can add features such as interests, activities, attitudes and personalities. These will help us creating a profile, dig deeper into it and then be able to communicate nicely, creating a bound.

    Then if you hace an e commerce with dales focused on chinese medicine tea, you'll be able to focus in a healthy page, that provides health, relaxation and interior peace hacks, creating a space where a person feel good and relaxed. But if you have an e commerce focused on sales of accessories and clothing for mountain climbing, then you should focus on a strategy to forward adventure, adrenaline and energy, to communicate with people who have access to such products (upper middle class). And so with every type of e commerce.

  • Determine goals and objectives

    present on Facebook for the mere fact that we all are, it is not the answer. We must determine what our purpose in goals.

    yours may be to increase sales of a particular product, or generate more traffic on your blog, save money on traditional marketing, deepen the bond you have with your current customers. Determine what your goal is, then you've got to add specific and measurable goals to work content: increase sales, increase followers, etc. Whatever your goal is, suggest it to effectuate communication within the company.

  • Design, develop and implement tactics

    There are four types pf updates for a Facebook strategy:

    1. Conversation:

      It's about seeking to create a link with followers through direct dialogue. To achieve this you need to stimulate users responses with questions and to engage the posted content. With this update we can also get information and approaching our target and their thoughts.

    2. Images:

      They give a chance to show your followers what you do , and you will achieve greater acceptance by them because they are a 'Like' give you feedback on your content. This generates minimal effort from the user and also through images, are attracting attention and in many cases achieves a 'Share'.

    3. Link:

      Through links we can get traffic captured in Facebook will be directed to other areas of interest of our company, such as Google Play or App Store for downloading the app, or send an e commerce, YouTube Channel, Blog, Twitter, or whatever you want. This is the main purpose of Facebook, become a springboard to other places of interest from fans.

    4. Products:

      You can plan a new product , as a part of your communication in Facebook, and before going live you send it to Facebook to see the to see the reception that you have with your followers. Then take the feedback and based on this, to go ahead with the product or not, or do a limited amount to optimize your sales.

    Experts suggest as important to send e-mail inviting your marketing database to be part of the Facebook community (besides the link to download the app).

  • Monitors, measures and reports

    It carries both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of your Fan Page to reach know whitch content generate greater penetration and which collaborate to achieve the proposed objectives. It uses the information provided by Facebook with their analytics called Insights (you'll find them on the Fan Page's menu, next to 'Page-Messages-Notifications'. Look at the number of interactions that each content posted on your profile have.

    Consider the comments generated, whether they're positive or negative. It generates responses that satisfy the user. You must be aware of what they think and say.

  • It only remains to make every effort: be alert and remain effective.

  • Modify, clarify and repeat

    You may have chosen the tactics that meet your goals or not. That is why, after step 4, you must seek the greatest effectiveness and stability of your content on Facebook. We need to innovate, be attentive to the responses from fans, consider tips, see your needs. Change to grow is key to be updated and generating a Fan Page that not be forgotten and reach the purpose of communication.

  • Following these steps, you'll be ready to create a professional Fan Page. But don't get stuck there. Follow these tips to make your posts more effective.

Make your posts more effective.

Now you know the strategy. Then let us help you make your posts more effective.

The posts are usually more successful when they connect with their audience in real and genuine way.

Look at these tips that will make your posts are even better:

  • Do it short

    People like to scan Facebook, entering and touring the Facebook News Feed. Keep your short texts for better response.

  • Use bigger and more attractive images

    Posts with images and immersive videos are highlighted in the News Feed of Facebook, making more likely that people will a 'like', comment and share.

    There's no need to be an expert photographer or count on a professional camera. Just try to get your product in the best way possible.

  • Answer your followers and keep an agenda

    Everyone likes to be heard. When replying to a message quickly you will see that your followers will be more active too.

    When there are special events that turn the heads of all, name them in your posts. Planning and scheduling Posts close to important dates like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, etc, it is more likely that you achieve get answers to these issues.

  • Post for the correct audience

    Not many know this, but Facebook can post content that can be seen only in a particular area. Take advantage of these tools.

  • Create a link that takes them directly to your web site

    When you add a link to your Post, automatically an image of the website which in turn link works, so after clicking you'l be redirected to your website.

    You can even customize the title and description to give more reasons to click.

  • Post content similar to those that gave you good results.

    As we said before, it is important to see what generated so much approval in a post and try to replicate it.

With all this information you'll have excellent results, and generate greater fan base. In this way you will then meet your other goals either increase sales, increase downloads of the app, or simply attract more traffic to your e commerce.

Remember to take advantage of this social network because it is a great source of recommendations and the best type of marketing: word of mouth.