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Social Networks today.

Day by day social networks proove their role importance in e commerce and m commerce sales. These help increasing traffic and boosting sales.

In fact, e commerce and apps that don't use correctly social networks end out severely affected, because the customer tends to trust them when they're active in social networks.

Lots of e commerce have already got social networks profiles, but most of them make strategy and communication mistakes. The most common error is to think that with having a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, and publishing an image or text, is enough to attract clients and sales. Well let me tell you, that's not enough.

You should take into account that customers use social networks to chat, investigate, get news, etc, living sale on a secundary level.

How can we take advantage of social networks then?

If you want to succeed on this, you'll have to dedicate lot's of time to media marketing strategies. And before implementing them, you should know what kind of site exist and which are their features, so that in this way you can extract the most benefit.

The main e commerce social networks are:


If your trying to get people to know your brand, is essential to use this site. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, because it has a base of more than one billion users, and keeps on growing. This is a great platform for brands related to lifestyle subjects and business that know how to create attractive and shareable content. With this social network you'll be able to manage your site traffic and generate sales.

What can you do with Facebook?


Create descriptive images. This have more chance of creating interaction. If you use your products images, write a text about each explaining some things, for example: “New”, “autumn collection 2016”, “available”, to enable your users to have a better context.


Create a collage of your products. If you use your products images frequently, it may become boring for your audience, sou you should be creative. Make the most out of your images.

Offer discounts:

Use this tecnique ocassionaly, but be careful not to saturate your facebook with offers and promotions.

Offer giftcards:

Take a week or two before holidays to offer gift cards. This way you'll give a reason to your followers to share this content with your friends and acquaintances.


Today Twitter if one of the most recognized and used social network. It is a platform that thinks each e commerce should create their profile in their social platform y take advanages of them.

What to do in Twitter?

Talk about what you can do: The best thing you can do is talk about what you can do. If you are an expert in one area, use your knowledge and share it.

Put a real person behind the account: There's no problem in making your ID public, or in giving personal opinions. This helps This helps humanize the company and the close link with followers (which may be potential customers).

Define a style:

Decide of what topic it makes sense to tweet. If you have several, maybe you should create an account for each. There are very interesting subjects for some people that may be boring or bother others.

This can make fans stop following you. If you define a subject and become an expert in that, many people will end up adding it to twitter lists (these listings are folders that are created in twitter to gather all relevant messages on a topic. For example: I name a folder “E commerce and m commerce experts”, then I select all Shovel apps messages to reach that).

Don't be afraid:

Twitter is a bidirectional channel, and many e commerce and businesses of all kinds are afraid to open that door. They fear complaints. But users will complain whether we ar on Twitter or not. The advantage of being , is that when they complain about us can see the reasons and give an answer to solve the problem. If you react quickly to a bad comment you can make a complaint in a loyal customer.


It is one of the most important social networks for e commerce and m commerce, behind only Facebook and Twitter. This social network will help boost the web traffic towards the online store and improce the SEO (search engine optimization), thus managing to increase downloads of your app. Publish original images of your products for users to give 'like', then the can 'pin' or share them with friends.

There's also a Pinterest Business that is useful for your online store for the following tools:

Pinterest analytics: allows activity tracking, where you can see how many people 'Pinning' your pictures, who see them and how many clicks they get. You'll get to know which pins are the most shared too.

It also has the 'check' official profile, which can generate greater confidence in your customers bringing more sales.


This platform has been oriented toward business since its inception. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for the business model B2B (Business to Business).

On this platform you can create discussion groups or participate in existing ones, companies and meet people of your vertically to create alliances , or have contact with potential customers.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn offers an advertising service that allows you to create sponsored publications.


If what you're looking for is to reach a more visual market, create a YouTube video showing the usefulness of your app. Currently the use of videos in online marketing has become a very powerful tool that you should not be ignored. YouTube is the largest video portal, so through video marketing you may acquire a significant social presence.


People like sharing videos. A video is more fun and bearable than a written article. No matter the niche market in which you are, videos will allways be liked by your audience. Besides, is very easy to share a YouTube video in your website and other social networks.

Google gives priority in search results to sites with videos.

Rich content. A person who can see the product, it's features and functions will have more information to make their decision when download the app and then purchase products. This will generate an increase in sales of both your e commerce and app.


Instagram is an excellent way to advertise for products and services very similar to Pinterest in some aspects, but even better for sharing a brands culture and the business mision in a creative way.

It can be used to show a little day to day business, team members working and enjoying, office photos, photos of the production process, clients using the app, etc. All this by creating a relationship and a community among customers and the business.

Keys for boosting sales in social networks:

Providing good customer service: The immediacy of communication is unmatched in social networks. When a user needs help, he wants to solve that problem inmediately without having to wait. That's why we count here with an excellent tool, because it let us answer all questions, even for those mad customers.

Following a social communication strategy to convey a good image: Your social profile represent your app and e commerce. Everything we do, we publish in social networks have a lot to do with customer acquisition and we need to know that many consumers use them to find products and learn more about their online store.

Use social networks to demonstrate your store's professionalism and provide interesting content to the user. This will generate a user engagement with your social network, making you want to download your app and then buy.

Advice: social networks can advise, since it is possible to make a perfect profile of the type of client for e commerce. All that valuable information will help you segment your campaigns, promotions and increasing sales.

In other words the keys are: sharing, creating and generating trust, a lot of trust. This should be the main goals.

Only individuals and groups with a common interest will occur. If you can get into those circles and influence the sector and you'll win a lot.

Reasons to consolidate social networks in your company:

Traditional advertising bores. People are tired of receiving advertising messages at all hours anywhere. It is almost impossible to capture the attention of users who do not believe in what businesses transmit. Social networks can combat this distrust depending on the quality of shared content.

  • Email marketing and push notification does not fit all.

    Email and push notifications are the most effective resources for many companies that want to strengthen the relationship with customers, but when you abuse this strategy can cause the opposite effect. Social networks are the best option for some campaigns that want to convey a lot without overwhelming your customers.

  • You'll get professional brand and leadership.

    The aim of your business should not be just to build the brand, but be profitable, highlighting and being recognized in its sector. But how do we achieve that? Identify the characteristics that make you stand out. You have to be visible in an increasingly competitive environment. Build your professional brand and generates compelling content to become leader of your community.

  • Word of mouth helps a lot.

    The company should be able to influence the decision of others and generate recommendations naturally through social networks. We must create circles of trust and attractive messages for the phenomenon called 'viral'.

  • Earn trust.

    Companies that have come to social networks for to sell, have failed. It is about building a relationship. If you bombard your followers with offers and advertisements, you wont get sales. You must first win their trust.

In conclusion: Be there, Chat, Contribute, Generate community, Sell.

Don't forget to add a link in your e commerce and m commerce with an app that leads to your social networks.


Nothing will make worse your company image than abandoning your social network. If for any reasin you decide to stop using one of them, the best would be to close the account. It would be annoying for a potential customer to enter your abandoned social network and see that the update was 6 months ago. This would create an emptyness feeling, undermining the image of the company.

Now you know the most important social networks for your app and your e commerce and its main benefits. Just remember you should first know your audience to know which platform to use and how to use it to reach them.